"We'll be impossible to spot in our ghillie suits..."









Hope ya like it!

Characters: FPS Doug, Cpt. MacMillan, Cortana, Master Chief, Me :P, an bitchy hostage, Gordon Freeman and Barney Calhoun.


:ohdear: what do you mean???

It’s not very… good.

At all really.

I like it.

It was a good concept.

Few general tips;

  • You don’t need several pictures for one thing.
  • Quite a bit of wasted space. Fill it with something.
  • Use a better map.

sorry i didn’t like it too much in my opinion was a bit… crappy, but ok i will come with better photos this one was just a test.

thanks for the comments and the attention, Kyno1407 saying godbye from scotand!!! :scotland:


Thanks buddy! :glomp:

This made me laugh but at the cost of being temporarily blind.

That means…?

I guess he means your picture was bad.

Because throwing in random characters that have nothing to do with the scene makes it funny. :downs:

woah! i’m so happy someone understand it!

this is not serious it’s just a parody!

the joke is that he is obvious so everybody was laughing in his face (everybody means EVERYBODY):byodood:

BTW: Thanks for the review!

He was using sarcasm… : /

Knew I ought to have used [/sarcasm] rather than the downs face.

way to rate yourself funny…twice

Isn’t this just like… Old times…



I don’t even understand whats going on.