Well, Gmod 12 is Technically Here

And what, exactly, are the benefits of updating the engine? (Aside from "TEH OTER1 WUZ OLD WHERE IZ POPC0RN!) I’m curious about if we’re capable of anything more now.

Only further development things, nothing is physically added to the game for normal players.

Multi-core support (apparently)
Novint Falcon support
Other than that just bugfixes/optimisation

I don’t notice anything different.

Is this why there are only a few servers showing up?

Okay then. I might as well still have Gmod 11 if it’s just development things.

Too late.

you don’t choose for garrysmod, garrysmod chooses for you

No…thats because the transition from Garrysmod version 11 to 12 had a flaw and killed all of the servers. Now servers need specific updates and upgrades for them to be able to go online again.

Then rate me late! I need me some new clocks, because I broke all the other ones. (…)

What I’m saying is that these changes won’t affect me much. When I look at Gmod I won’t be going “Hey! Gmod 12!” I’ll be saying, “Meh. It’s…Gmod.”

Yeah its not your choice which version you use, unless you go back to Gmod 9 :v:

Its here and its broken!

Well, one benefit is a broken server. I’m having fun. The clientside works great though. I noticed a HUGE fps increase from my dual core under multicore rendering.

it was never called gmod 11 in the first place, so you’re wrong we’re still on gmod 10- “gmod” for that matter, because garry stopped using version numbers

its still GMOD 10. its just called gmod 11/12 because of the important title updates. correct me if i’m wrong, i’m really tired

who cares call it gmod

Another fine release that the steam system wasn’t prepared for… Apparently steam cannot list the server on the list until they update their systems.

amazing how the world works… half ass