Well, Gmod 12 is Technically Here

^ Clock’d

Also who the fuck actually calls it GMod 11 or 12 anyway?

This may have already been a feature, but there’s nav mesh commands now.
Like nav_generate, nav_edit, etc.

no, it’s still technically gmod 1.1.83

No, its just… Gmod.

I call it The mod of which belongs to a fellow gentleman named Garry.

“Technically” it’s gmod 12
Officially it’s Garrysmod. Calling it 12 because of the engine update is like calling Half-life 2 after it’s engine upgrade Half-life 3. The new number implies a new, different game.

It is GMod 12

Say, there was an update done previous day?

I guess that’s why I can’t launch GMod now, it always crashes on Loading Resources part when loading any map. I have also noticed the game doesn’t load any subsystems when launching the game (it jumps from Initializing Serverside to Post Init Systems now), although I guess it’s part of the update. The console also seems to be giving a bit more warnings then usually.

Garry, do you have a definite date on when the beta will go live as an official Steam update?

The chosen one has spoken.

Can we call it

because it’s fancier?

Don’t piss Garry off, it’s Gmod 12 and thats it.

Good for referring to stuff

“This addon worked in GMod 11!”
“Now it crashes GMod 12!”

Anyway if you think this update has broken stuff, just imagine what will happen when Garry updates to the Portal 2 engine… :ohdear:

Let’s just say it will be called GMod 13 for a reason.


“Fellow” implying you were a gentleman to begin with. :v:

If your going to change the version every time theres a significant update it should be like gmod 87(exageration)

I’m probably wrong, but maybe a portal gun can be ported to garrys mod if it now uses TOB source engine…

I’m not entirely sure, but while Portal ran on the Orange Box variant of the Source engine, the Portal Gun and certain other things were coded for Portal only. So I don’t think it’ll be that easy. But what do I know, i’m no coder. v:v:v

I like the new update. It advertised my servers even more, since they’re out of the few that are working.

As you can see, playercount spiked today.




It also fixed one of my addons. Loving it.

But it broke the rest!