Well, I've got a secret, I cannot say. They might've moved me, to give it away.

the whole area - no original because i dont want to put it in because i hvae this.
i was planning on having the cars and corpses on fire behind him. but i decided against it.

For a really boring picture, it has nice atmosphere and cool posing.

Both wrists are broken, run/walk/jog pose looks unnatural, literally nothing is happening, low res car in the foreground, no apparent lighting, noticeable isolation errors on the right of the screen

don’t use a Low definition car with a high definition model!

i have no other car models.

yeah, someone really needs to give the hl2 cars a makeover without ruining that hl2 feel



also the posing is absolutely atrocious, as stated before. i don’t think any of us need to be specific because the entire pose is just a botched job.

I think you are being overly judgmental. For an unedited picture, I think it’s pretty good.

He’s holding his arms too close to his body


where did his left pinky go?

there is no such thing