We'll Send Him Cheesy Movies, the Worst We can Find (La la la)


shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit nostalgia explosion…

I miss that show…


I have never seen that show.

…That is all.

get out of here stalker


I should add I have heard of it and know of it. Just never seen an episode.

It’s probably the best show ever when it comes to the realm of comedy.

You can find seasons of it in your local indie music stores, shady pawn shops, or the amazon.com

I have no idea what “show” this is, but just the picture from the Wicker Man was enough to make me lol.

“Noooo not the bees!”

see below


I didn’t nostalgia cuz I still watch this show :fuckyou:

The episode where they watch “Manos: The Hands of Fate” is one of my favorites.

How is this a GMod Screenshot?

I’m guessing it was never on in the UK.

It was, Just harder to find

Seriously how is this a gmod screen


Poor Torgo, he just wanted some love. :frowning:

Not a bad screenshot. The foreground (seats & bots) could have been a bit sharper. Cool idea though.

Originally, they were far too sharp, but you’re right, I over-blurred it.

When I open an image in paint.net, it shows the image at 92% resolution by default for some reason, and I always forget to zoom in.

I remember this show, I was way to little to understand it at the time though.