"Well, shit" Imperial Guard convoy runs into some trouble.

C&C please.

The posing is pretty good but you’ve really got to zoom the camera in. The pictures are very empty and boring. The map is quite ugly too.

I concur with Chesty, add some stuff into the background and perhaps edit the pictures some.

The posing is great, though.

I don’t really know what to add, maybe some flames, more wrecks? Maybe dead bodies?

I really dislike those models, no offense to you. They look low-quality. Also, posing could be much better.

pictures looks really bland and empty, and posing could be better

hahahhahahaha lol last guard on the left taking invisble shit

I’m not one to generally question your judgment, Chesty…

But “the posing is pretty good”?

The posing is quite bad. What are you talking about?

The front guy is stiff and has some very uncomfortable wrist placement. The middle guy’s ass is sticking out, he’s leaning way too far forward and to the side, and his “Oh dear” gesture is very out of place for this kind of scene, not to mention badly done.

And as stated before, the last guy is taking an invisible dump, with his gun magically glued to the ground, letting him lean as far back as he wants as long as he holds onto it.

Work mostly on weight distribution. The two other than the front guy would be falling over.

I freeze my models. Why would I spend hours trying to get them to stand up properly on their own?

Have you ever seen anybody squat down? Thats what they look like.

Also, the middle guy isn’t leaning forward. Only to the side, but his knee is bent, like he is focussing his weight on his right leg. His ass isn’t sticking out either.

I don’t know what you mean by “stiff”. He is a frozen ragdoll.

My posing could be better, but I don’t see very many problems with this other than some unnatural stances.
This is my first time posing seriously. I can’t be a pro instantly.

I know, I just felt like being argumentative at least once today.


Red represents center of gravity, green represents spine.

And I just tried the position that you see from behind, where he’s leaning to the side, with my shoulder past my hip and my head directly above it. I fell over. It doesn’t work.

And durr of course you can’t be pro instantly. I’m not asking you to be. I’m telling you what is wrong with your pose and you should take those errors into account the next time you pose. It’s called “criticism”.

And get some better models. I don’t care how much you like WH4K, those models look like utter shit.

Models look fine to me. Its only the bodygroup that looks like shit.


Here is my current WIP, give me some C&C before I post it.

The camera angle makes it look like the front man is standing like a crab. And the rebreather looks a bit crooked. Thats what I see so far.

i lol’d

Once again, ass sticking out on the right guy and bad weight distribution on the right guy. Though he could easily be fixed by pushing his left leg out a little more.

Was trying to be nice. Sos.


Just zoom in.