'Well, that's one less dumb prick trying to rip us off...'

“The workin’ man’s a sucker.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Lighting and focus for this pic are perfect.

thanks brosephine. that whole vignetting thing is actually a keyhole by the way

ruh roh, a witness

this may or may not mean further pictures

Really liking the shadows here.

The camera angle could be more interesting though and make better use of the space.

I like the smoke effects.

was louis the one who got shot :smiley:

The shotgun shell alone gets you art.

This gives me much pleasures

Nice fingerposing.

aight guys so now that we’ve all got our fair share of mafia models, who’s excited for the overdone usage of the new odst models? once halo reach comes out and everyone gets in the “let’s pose halo models and make even more lame pictures!” mood kicks in we can all chill, laugh, drink mountain dew we got for free with our preorders and masturbate vigorously, alone, to our so-called works of art

i can’t wait!!!

refer/quote this post – made and unedited on 9/13 – the day before halo reach is released, and assist in making fun of the pictures created henceforth with the newly released halo ODST models


oh also the picture is good, i guess, albeit being extremely dark and full of midtones

hey mister i’ve been wanting to do a mafia pose for ages okay it’s not my fault every scrub on the planet beat me to it :argh:

Goodbye cheesy generic MW2 poses hello mafia poses :pervert:

anything is an improvement over mw2, especially mafia. first game i’ve really, truly enjoyed for a while.

The vignetting or whatever it is you did to cover up all the wasted space (there’s so much wasted space) looks like shit. Good, realistic posing though. But I’m not sure what the guy in the back is doing with his hand. Touching himself seems out of the question, but I think that’s what he’s doing. Please, correct me.

He’s fiddling with his collar for no readily apparent reason

I guess you could count that as touching himself

“You said it.”

Fair enough.