"Well, the Military is still here." Two jets fly over Ellis, Coach, and Nick

Something just doesn’t feel right about this one.


moar motion blur!

Oi mate,know where I can get those models? I got the demo but I can’t seem to find a download for Garrysmod


Garrysmod.org Search: L4D2

Go Sick

Pretty well posed. Nice job.

Jets are 20 feet off the ground.


Because when you’re searching for any kind of life you fly 20 miles up in the sky.

That or you’re making a really bad bombing run :smiley:

Great stuff dude, the pictures a little blurry around Coach, but overall good.

It seems whenever the millitary is still here in a zombie invasion, they always wanna kill you.

“hey, we’re not infected! we’ve been in a basement for three months and none of us are sick!”


“you all saw it, he was rabid.”


I cant see the picture :frowning:

Yea stupid database error :argh:

LOL did you just imply that jets search for survivors? Please, tell me this, what is a 600mph death machine with 7.62x51mm nato rounds and heatseaking rockets that can travel at velocities of 700mph+ OR napalm, doing searching for survivors? The only thing you can expect from a killdozer with hacks on steroids is death, and nukes.

^No… he’s saying that they’re searching for life to bomb the living shit out of them.

good pose

Looks really nice. Editing is good.

Those L4D2 F-18 models look so nice.


(that’s my jet noise)

They’re skybox models actually.


… they still look nice,

Yes they do.