Well Then

That was an amazing 30min sesh with no DDOS, and now its back, and i thought we was good, Obviously not, nice try Dev Team, good to see some work, Maybe next time a perm fix -.- :frowning:

LOL I was just about to make a thread about it xD

Is this confirmed? All the Official servers are down and it looks like the community ones are starting to go offline…

well our server is down, official is down, a few friends servers are dropping so it seams the current fix has already been bypassed and exploited again, as i said before Nice try, maybe next time

There is no perm fix for this peice of shit ulink. It’s like swiss cheese there are holes every fucking where. I really hope Garry switches to another company.

Big thanks to the team at MuchDifferent for the swift (3 days is swift?..) fix, that actually didn’t fix anything at all.

This is beyond ridiculous.

My server just fell offline.

And to the OP, give the devs some damn credit. “maybe next time a perm fix” no shit sherlock. You really think they aren’t working on a permanent fix? You really think Garry and everyone else wants to just sit around and put bandaids on things?
It’ll get fixed when it gets fixed. Until then be a little more grateful that people are working hard so you can play your game.

i think its just an update.

Haha, best compare to uLink ive seen yet, nice work on that kurk.

You don’t blame the library YOU chose to use.

Finally got full Kevlar and the server went down. I’m guessing a zombie killed me while the server died :slight_smile:

should it be this ulink companys problem to fix if they have such flaws? how come they are not working on it but the devs are having to waste time with it.

EDIT: looks like it was an update

I’ve been playing for 3 hours. Did today’s 2nd update and boom bye bye servers.

My server was up and working fine for about 2-3 hours, but it went down after i installed the update about 30 mins ago. :frowning:

This seems different from the ulink exploit attack, this time the servers are not even showing up at all.

lol this thread will get raided by bandits.

Care to share where you’re getting this info?

Yeah i say that and get 3 dislikes right away -_-

Please don’t kill me. I have 1000 wood on me in the middle of a field.

Looks like everything is down but the EU servers again which tells me they’re back.

It’s not dislike, it’s disagree.
There have been two server updates today already and probably 2 client updates as well. Both updates came out quite a while ago and besides, servers don’t go offline just because an update came out.
Correction: COMMUNITY servers don’t go offline just because an update came out, I can’t say for the official ones.