"Well, they call me Willian the Pleaser..."


There’s no shadows, because they wouldn’t work with the model.

Why is his right hand a spine? Is that some veiled and rather crappy imitation of a massive dildo arm?

His hand mysteriously combusts into nothing everytime I spawn him, so I just replaced his hand with a spine.

Supposed to be demonic, ya’ dig?

a skull extended from a spine would have worked better, you could club people with it and you’d blend in easily at death metal concerts

with just the spine on its own it loses most of the point, really

The end of the spine looks like some kind of mouth that looks like it’s going to suck out your soul or something.

Winner for Tom

William the Pleaser… spine for hand…
seems a dildo to me… too many clues.

Creepy as shit, but nice.

(he does need a dildo hand, though)

What’s a Willian?