Well, this shit has been here for a really long time.


one in the front is all like


Radiation poisoning.

derp anomaly

“Guys I found a flattened out bomb.” Seriously though, what the hell is he holding?

Much later, at freedom base. “Look what I found bro! COWABUNGA DUUUDE!”

I think one eye is busy trying to figure out what the damn thing is while his other eye is checking to see if anyone else sees what’s in his hands, heh.

No one eye is clearly examining the lovely fabric inside his hood.


lovely lighting.

Nice pic, although i think it’s way to blurred on the First-person gun.
Posing and lighting is badass!

Oh man I didn’t even notice that was there.

A propeller.

Jimmy, we’re going to catch some major air with this thing.


Don’t admins ban for posting images as replies?