I bought rust yesterday, was only able to actually connect to 1 offical server than lost connection. of course i’ve also tried connecting to community servers but it does not even try to connect. so since yesterday ive tried at several diffrent times to connect to any server, and I know I can since i connected to one yesterday. I also know about the ddos attacks and such. Feels like a massive let down to what I was expecting after seeing people play it an talking to people play it. :frowning:

Edit: just pure frustration for me. :S

Wow alot of fast responses thanks! Atleast I know the community is nice and well! :smiley:

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Be patient, It will be fixed as soon as possible.

Believe me when i say it is worth waiting for them to fix it :slight_smile:

Rest assured cheez117, Rust is well worth waiting to play. Rust is actually threatening other games with its own unique style and such, which is probably why its being attacked the way it is.

maybe the more than 10000 Alpha testers has something to do with it?

Its worth the wait…but they are not even trying to give us information about it. They dont even try to keep us updated…or I just dont see the thread??

My guess is that it’s being attacked because some kid got sick of getting raided one too many times, decided to be a little fuckstick, and get a group of buddies to start a DDoS, what other reason would there be? There’s no huge group out to get us just because of its success, likely it’s because someone didn’t have a fun experience, and therefore decided no one else can have fun.

What’s to tell? we are being DDOSed and they are working on a fix.

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It’s fine I know this is a MAJOR LETDOWN but its ok. You’re not the only person who has experienced this.


:wink: It is worth the wait They will fix this A.S.A.P.

Garry is working tomorrow and He will be working Everything he can. It’s worth waiting! We all did!!! :smiley:

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Were all here to help! :wink:

There’s this once quote written on the purchase title of the game saying that you will obvious face problems and that it’s early access!

I did read that. I did NOT EXPECT that there was gonna be a DDOS attack the same day that I Bought it!