wellcome to the warriors build

Since September 21, 2010

Welcome to the warriors community, we are a serious gaming comunity for hl2dm and gmod.
We are a exlent server we have abbout 95% minge free because of our great admin staff,so join today
Our servers IPs:

warriors-rp-(GMOD) -
TeamDM-(hl2mp) -

More servers are being setup and will soon be ready to play.

Joining the warriors will get you noticed so you have a higher chance at getting promoted, come join on our official gmod or hl2 dm server

so come play to day

our web site http://www.the-warriors.net/phpnuke/
our steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thewarriorscommunity
NOTE: the server gamemode has ben changed it a rp a light rp

Mabye posting more information about your servers would encourage people to join, for example you’ve said you have a sandbox server, but what addons is it running, what map, ect.

welli cant list all the addons the whay too many the maps is gm_construct of flat grass

Because totally, the more addons, the better, right?

Not really.
You should remove some, it just gets annoying when there’s 100’s of addons.

Less addons the better

Three things.

One. Fix your spelling and grammar. Don’t use the excuse I can’t spell, because we all know that’s false.

Two. If you ever want to even remotely get people involved in your “community”, don’t keep on switching gamemodes and do something original. Another thing to keep in mind is to have the server up at all times before you pull this shit. I looked, and your server is not up.

Three. Don’t lie. Admins on any roleplay that isn’t serious always minge somehow. And I never once said I would sell you a darkrp mod. I said I would try to find it for you, when I knew I couldn’t. Just thought I would make you feel better about yourself by saying so.

PS: Glad you didn’t post the FTP port this time.