Went to go make a nice Fancy bridge, but no...

Thanks Garry for removing the stair halfblock… Used this all the fucking time as actual stairs, and nothing in the game can replace what it did.

Thanks, thanks for removing creative possibilities from the game.

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Nothing can replace this void in my life.

My life is incomplete without you half block.

Oh and by the way, thanks for completely fucking stability.

It is starting to feel like you do not play your own game, or doing not think about how the changes made will actually change the game in negative ways.

Pillars? WTF Yeah let us build in the middle, but why remove building on sides?

We already knew this, more or less. The dev team has all but admitted that they don’t playtest 90% of the content or do any sort of quality assurance work before updating.

Hell, they only figured out the grenades were shit because one of the devs threw one by accident.

Yo, I couldn’t agree more and I got a post about this here

Do you know who the playtesters are? The devs? Garry himself? The jews?
No no no, you’re all wrong. Lean over and I’ll let you in on a big secret, kiddo :
[sp]You’re the playtester because you bought an early access game. Your feedback is used to make the game better[/sp]
Now keep that in mind and stop whining

suck ass troll

Do you understand what early access means? If not, you should probably read up on it before you start having opinions :v:

i don’t think the halfblocks needed to be removed, nor the pillars changes to only be able to be placed in the centre of blocks. but it IS their game, and they can do what they want with it; even drive it into the ground if they so desire.

i don’t think this will kill the game or anything ridiculous like that, but IMO it is a bit destructive to creativity.

You don’t see the contradiction there do you…

He’s giving negative feedback!!

Whereas YOU’RE the one whining making no comment about the game at all!

Oh the irony of the stupid.