were administrator server "facepunch amsterdam II"

Dear administration, where you look? Why not have the administration of the game?
Yesterday, my friends and I were playing, a man by the nickname “TyrannosaurusREKT” killed with aimbot 1 shot 1 hadshot. Then when we killed him many times and wrote that he was a cheater, we began to laugh at him “even with cheat, he can not play,” and then he turned on fly hack went to kill us. From the beginning he flew where he died, then at a distance of 5-10 meters, we have not seen him, but the bullets were flying (he turned on invisibility).
Can I ask why you have bad anticheat or do not have the administrator of the beholder in the game?

me and my friend also killed this player called TyrannosaurusREKT on amsterdam 2 he used speedhack to get back he got killed again then used speedhack a 3th time to get back and caught us off guard he was back after a minute or so fully equiped, we actually saw him speedhack towards us, also after he then used speedhack to get the upperhand on us he also stole from locations ex. large furnaces that are not accessible without raiding: exterior walls around and only access point is true base and everything was still intact so flyhack confirmed to.

This guy has already a load of reports on steam, i reported on twitter @rusthackreports and now i saw this post so im adding my report of this guy on here to, he has been free to do whatever he wants for much to long now and has to be dealt with, he is ruining it for alot of players.

Cheater reports on twitter, he will get his ban.

Already did but since i saw this guys posts about the same person i thought id backup his story with my encounter with this cheater.

sorry i dont have twitter and cant registation

GOOD ADMINISTATION GOOD ANTICHIT"S again this player playing thx for this game, give me maney back what i pay this game!

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this faking TyrannosaurusREKT in amsterdam II run with speed hack! and what do administration? nothing! thx! give me money back!!!

why can’t you register with twitter?

they are not responsible for hackers ruining your playtime, why would they refund you?

Play a community server with admins, problem solved.

thx for ban him, close topick