"We're almost out, love.." Escaping from New Mombasa-

Story: Don’t read if you’ve never played Halo (Spoilers) :stuck_out_tongue:

After the Covenant had broken through the orbital defense, they headed to New Mombasa, a supercity located in Africa.

In a wide-spread panic, the city was evacuated- Some made it, but only some. During the Covenant bombardment, Regret’s ship fled into slip-space, creating a massive explosion in-atmosphere, destroying most of the city, including the space tether connecting the city and a space station in orbit.

Jonas Wyoming, Logan Renolds, and Serene Flennigan had escaped the immediate vicinity of the super-city after taking control of a transportation Warthog, when the slip-space rupture caused them to turn off-course into some debris…

Serene didn’t make it, Logan is badly hurt, but has the aid of his spouse. There’s nowhere to go but into the vastness of the desert.

Enjoy :3


C&C :smiley: (Second pose + Edit ever ,_,)

Probably could have used some more exciting stuff, like adding Covenant troops to the scene in the background destroying shit and what have ya.

Oh, and it was Regret’s Carrier that jumped into slip-space, not Truth’s. :smiley:

Ewps :D…

Forgot it was Regrets- ,_,…

And yeah, I have some alternate ones that I’ll probably post on the “Edit my screenshot!” thread that have the carriers and then some alternates with phantoms and banshees.

They’re gay?

One would draw that conclusion from the title and the picture. You don’t call someone with a gun love unless you are sure he is gay right:)

I think the pic is allright, kinda boring though. And when you dodge and burn the characters, you have to select/isolate them first.

Yeah. Euggghhh…

Not too bad for one of your first poses. Smoke in the background looks pretty poor, though.

Righto :smiley:

Yes, they are gay, it was just something different I wanted to add I suppose xD…

It was 3AM when I finished this so I was somewhat…I don’t know what to call myself at that point in time o.o…

Thanks for the crit, I’m getting better IMHO xD