We're close to the extraction point! (Two Marines and an ODST)

The posing looks really good!

Looks very good, Where did you get those models? i would like to pose with those

The Marines are the Crysis Marines, and the ODST is the “Heavy Combine Infantry - NeoTokyo reskin” model, with and ODST head.

Very, very sexy my friend. Love the editing!

Looks like the middle guy is going to trip the guy running.

Pretty good.

they’re all running in different directions

I think both the guy on the left and center will just fall, otherwise I like the posing, a bit cliche though?


Holy duck…awesome editing…

Pixels everywhere. Its really pixelated.(or whatever you call it)

Running seems a little awkward on the middle guy, but a good pic none the less.

Don’t apply random blur to all of your pictures. It doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t look “epic” or anything.

Blur raped my eyes. Thanks. Now I know how it feels to get raped by someone/something.

The motion blur really sucks.
Stop doing them its cheap.