were do i put decal for server

i made a custom decal and it works perfectly but i need to know were to put it in my server files so it forces people to download it so they can see the decal. i have already tried orangebox/garrysmod/materials/declas/custom/radiantserver/radiant_decal_v3


Okay, they won’t automatically download it.
So… leave the decal in the same folder, and go to LUA\Autorun\server, and make a notepad file with this in it.

resource.Add ("materials\declals\custom\radiantserver\radiant_decal_v3.vtf")

Go to File > Save As, type in customdownloads.lua, and save it (You NEED .lua)
So now, anything you want the clients to download, then follow the same structure.

BUT, one thing, is radiant_decal_v3 a folder? Or the VTF?

its the .vtf, and thx bro il try it

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didnt work, srry. i made a lua file named customdownloads and put the Recource.Add into it and i restarted the server then started up gmod and there was still a checkerboard.

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hold on i think i might have figured out whats wrong

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Ok I messed up on the file location.I accedentally said it was delals not decals and the vtf is in radiant_decal_v3 not radiantserver. The file is locted here actually C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod\materials\decals\Custom\Radiant_decal_v3\radiant_decal_v3.vtf
i dont know if this helps but i also made the vmt file with it, its located at
also i typed materials\decals\Custom\Radiant_decal_v3\radiant_decal_v3.vtf and it still didnt work. am i doing something wrong

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and for some reason the word custom is spelled cust um??? when i went to edit it it looked normal

Hmm… let me check the function/variable/whatever (don’t know much lua) see if I did something wrong.

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Oh I just found out why.
It’s resource.AddFile, not resource.add.
My mistake, here.

resource.AddFile ("materials\decals\custom\radiant_decal_v3\radiant_decal_v3.vtf")

Replace it with the above, and tell me if it works or not.

il let you know if it works

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hmmmm… still nothing