We're giving away free forum + subdomain to Rust server owners.


Me and my friend are avid Rust players, and this is one of our favorite games we’ve played in years. With a lot of hours played on Rust we’ve noticed a few things.

We saw that there was no real Rust forum, and by that we mean a central place for Rust servers. Not like Facepunch, we mean a place where all servers merge together on the same website. Where discovering servers is way easier than here.
We’ve also noticed that a lot of the Rust servers don’t actually have a forum, and there’s no real way to communicate with the admins except through the in-game way.

That’s why we want to do something back for the community. We’ve started the website www.rust-forum.net, where the main goal for people is to interact with each other. Players can easily interact with server admins, questions can be asked, tutorials can be submitted. As we’ve stated before, a lot of Rust servers don’t actually have a forum, and that’s why we’re giving away a free board at our forum + a subdomain on our forum.

We hope that by giving it away, people will keep a central point where there will be more communication in between players and admins, and more of a social point for players.

If you want to have a spot at our website, PM me here or write a reply.

Thank you.**


very interested great idea

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Lots of active players most are friendly join us now net.connect