"We're in the bid'ness of killin' nazis..." (Guy with a knife)



Those skins are ugly. Kind of boring and a weird angle.

Those models are from an RTS bro, you shouldn’t take closeups of them.

Yeah… bad move on my part.

Those models are mainly made for large scale battles that you don’t close up on.
as sir slugg sed


Company of Heroes?

I find those models to be… Inglorious :wink:

Woohoo 100th post!

i think you mean “nah-sees”

ok who’s the wise guy with the dumbs.

Posing’s good, but the angle is kinda wierd.

I actually like the angle. I can’t really say much about the all-round posing though, since the angle conveniently distorts the bodies so that I can’t tell are they really unnaturally straight or is it the angle. The head directions seem natural though, and the faceposing is good.

The skins are butt-ugly though, and the title isn’t exactly descriptive (apart from the bracketed portion)

I’m gonna have to rate funny, the sneer and the comedy-movie-DVD-cover angle does it.

EDIT: owait, I’ll have to mention that clipping, sorry Bob.