We're Looking For

Admins to hire on a Custom Darkrp server.
It’s a new server. I’m still changing the script up, and adding tons of original jobs.
It’s about 4 days old and at the moment we have 10-20 people on daily.
I have a lot of things to do so I can’t always be on.
I have 2 other admins.
But I’m looking for 1 more.

(User was banned for this post ("Advertising, undescriptive thread title" - verynicelady))


Here are some of the jobs.
Blackmarket Dealer
Gadget Dealer
SWAT Sharpshooter
Computer Tech
Drug Dealer
and a lot more.
For some reason the image doesnt work so heres a link.

You should ask a friend to be an admin. You should also hide your ip address unless some asks for it because that is advertising, You can get banned for advertisement. (You can also get banned for cliff hanger thread tittles. “We’re looking for ________”)

“Welcome to Facepunch”

Sorry i didn’t know.
Thank you.

I’ll be an admin!

It’s ok, you didn’t know. But if there’s a trust worthy player on your server then ask him/her.

Or the guy above me can do it too.

Sounds like a recommendation!

Message me I still don’t know how to use this site.

You can add me on steam, check the icon under my name.

PM’d you some details bud