"We're not alone.."

I was watching MrCreepyPasta’s “The Rake” and i think this is fitting.

Well no shit, if you say “we”, then there’s obviously two or more people already.

dude there’s a bug on your camera

Yeah, his partner. Who is dead and is missing his fourarm and leg.

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This is my 1st PIC upload so yeah

  1. He’s talking to his dead teammate?

  2. How are we supposed to know that he has a teammate? There’s no indication of that.

  3. Is that a muzzleflash or a rainbow?

  4. Pretty bad angle. Back up and zoom in.

  5. Posing is alright, though, I’m not sure if he’s shooting or something, but in the first picture, he should be focusing on what he’s shooting at rather than looking at the side.

  6. Lighting is pretty bad. Use a lamp or light.

Urm, i might upload another pic. And its a gay affect from photobucket i used. Later on ill use the L4D2 Riot Guys later on in a new pic.

Great pic

All in all, not shabby if this is your first pic upload. That rainbow is a tiny bit distracting, though.

Who is holding the flashlight ? The dead mate ?

Meh, ill upload another pic soon.