We're Nuclear


Original :


Now, I’m really satisfied.

Big improvement, though it still looks like the explosion isn’t that far away. I think a tiny bit of DOF on the soldiers in the foreground could’ve helped as well as some dust clouds close the ground and around the base of the explosion. The explosion also looks slightly grainier than the rest of the pic.

Why do they all look wiggly?

its supposed to be a heatwave effect of the sorts since they’re in a desert, which is probably fucking hot.

The heatwave effect is usually more noticeable at a distance, not up-close. And it should be distorting the whole inferior part of the picture, not give the illusion that the troops are wearing 50s-era space pants.

This is really cool.

that’s not how heat haze works and the isolation on the explosion’s upper parts just looks lazy

still a big improvement

Yeah I think they all would have died from the initial blast standing that close. I’m a fan of the colours and angle of the shot though, good job.

it’s based on the castle bravo nuclear test i think

“It’s only a model.” It looks good tho.

is that a super old school style Vic Rattlehead in your avatar

Nope it’s the Desert Rock nuclear exercises in Nevada not Bikini Atoll (Castle Bravo) Castle Bravo didn’t have any Military “Subjects” the people that got sick from Castle Bravo were all civilians that were in the area. the Desert Rock exercises were to see how troops would react to a nuclear blast.

Duh, it obviously symbolises fear in a visually accessible way.

well i’ll be damned

I just loved the effects.