"We're Oskar Mike!" Rebels Oskar Mike'ing


The shading looks pretty good, especially good under the woman on the guy’s shoulders.
The wide camera angle is daring but well executed.

Those engine fume/flame things look a wee bit faded though.

“Oskar Mike’ing?”

I think it means “On the Move”. I’m not entirely sure, though.

I know, its just an abomination

Looks good.

I like it
Oscar Mike :eng101:

I’m not sure but I think the ship is a bit bigger in relative size/ratio than the rebels

I think I’d like it more if the ship model was a bit smaller and more compact

oskar mice

Looks nice.

Thanks everyone!


You know me, I like to live on the edge :smug:

Good stuff mate

Cheers :cheers:

Pretty good, but something bothers me about the posing on the guy holding the smg.

Yeah, I know :frown:

Stay Frosty, Oskar Mike. Ramirez do everything!

on the move-ing?