"We're searching for the documents now" - Two mercenaries ransack an apartment.

Mass effect themed pic incase you haven’t played the series

Have some thread music yo!!!


“What about our cerberus friend, did he put up a fight?”

“Didn’t even know what hit him.”

All done ingame save for the video feed. Made this as lighting practice, i’m planning to create a major comic series and visually it’s gonna be p. similar to this.

Posing looks really natural, this might as well be a shot from the games.


Little on the big side,
but smexy editing.

I can dig it!

It was originally 1920x1080. :v:

Also part of the point of this image is to test and showcase what can be done ingame. The only edit is the video feed and that’s only because it’s important to the context of the situation.

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Hey Faaron_ZzZ! How about instead of hiding behind your “dumb” rating, you actually come out and say something valid instead of acting like a child with a grudge on the section.

Its easier to ignore him.

Pic is pretty good. The ingame blood is bothering me though.

Why so? Ingame blood looks alot more convincing than anything edited in imo.