were to get prop hunt maps

ok i know you can use cs maps for prop hunt. the problem is that all the maps i downloaded for it in them u can walk through the props. it really really sucks cause i really wanted a good prop hunt gamemode. so the question im asking is is there a website were u can download a prop hunt pack cause i cant find any. also when i try to use cs_office it wont load, its really frustrating. it says that it isnt the right bsp file. so i went and downloaded it again from c-strike planet and still nothing. plz give me links to a working cs_office and other maps.

aslo, is there a place were u can dowload the prop hunt gamemode with all the maps cause it seems all the other fretta servers have the same maps.

plz anyone answer!

I’m assuming you bought a server from a GSP?

If so, go into the Admin Panel > Mod Installer and install cstrike content. That should fix walking through props.

um its a dedicated server. i own it :smiley:

Then install counter-strike source content on said server.

When you get the ‘walking through props’ effect on a dedicated server that means that YOU the client can see the props because that’s how props are rendered is clientside… however the server does not have the content, so it doesn’t know how to render the collision or physics.

well i went into console and typed the stuff im sopose to and it downloaded it and i had to wait like 30 minutes till it was done, then i went back and it stiff happend. i was wondering if i have to activate it in my server.cfg or srcds.bat


this is what my startserver.bat looks like


srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod -port 27015 +maxplayers 12 +map deathrun_simpsons_final +sv_gamemode deathrun +sv_defaultgamemode deathrun +sv_scriptenforcer 1

Are you sure the map doesn’t use EP2 or EP1 props? Because if it does, the server installer/updater will not grab those files. You will have to add them manually. There are lots of tutorials around here on how to do that.

i dont think so, cause i know that on the map dust theres a wooden box i cant jump on, i cany hit it though, thats y im thinking u have to activate it in serveratart.bat. cause when i try to install css again it says download complete reallly fast cause its already installed but when i start the server it chows the server contend and it lists all the valve games and tell wether or not the content is activated anc afte “counter strike:source” it says failed, just like the rest, il see if i can copy and past it here


it says

mounting hl2…failed
mounting ep2…failed
mounting cstrike…failed

there more but i dont want to type them. but i do now that in order for it to work, cstrke has to say complete. so would you plz tell me yes or no if i have to activate it in my serverstart.bat file or do you not know.


Y’know what would REALLY help your case?

If you learned how to spell and use grammar.

whatever kill3r, i couldn’t copy and paste cause it wouldn’t let me, and who fking cares if i misspell some stuff.

i fixed it, it was because it was in orangebox\orangebox folder, it was sopose to be in orangebox

I care, because it hurts my head trying to decipher what you call “spelling”

hey guys i get a problem on my server i can walk throught props on cs_office in the gamemode murder and prophunt

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from bing, bst plac to find g mod maps