We're to start.

I have never tried mapping, but I would like to start, any advice on how to start?

Watch some tutorials on youtube to understand how the tools work and then I’ve always found it good to try to recreate a building in Hammer

Edit: Also we’re?? We are to start?

Start small, have a small, simple map where you can test out newly learned techniques.
There are some good tutorials on youtube as well, like the basics covered by 3kliksphilip.

Tophattwaffle is also an extremely good resource.

At least 1 really good mapper started by copying other peoples work.

Find a scene you like. Copy it, texture for texture, geometry for geometry. Make sure everyone you show knows that u copied it from where else.

Once you got that fixed try and figure what made it so appealing. Colour combos, prop positioning, geometry. Then try and copy something from real life.

One of my early maps was the attic in my house.

All the while identify stuff which makes it look good, try to apply those techniques to future projects. Some simple tips like columns on walls to break it up, stuff on ceiling to break the monotony, clipping on walls to add in trims round the top and bottom.

Eventually you’ll get round to custom content, models and textures etc.

That is the “environmental art” side.

The other is level design. What makes a level fun to play? How to make a map run smoothly? For this read up on optmisation and general design. Level design is game specific.

If you actually wanna make a map, the process should be (do whatever you like really) plan it out, block it out, optimise it, then do loads of detail passes so it looks good.

Dont start with a huge project or you will quickly lose interest and get demoralized.
Start small, create a room, decorate it, take inspiration from real world architecture.

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Thanks a lot, I have taken all advice and gonna start today by making a small room with a door and some stuff. Thanks! :slight_smile: