"We're using civilian's bike, We'll give you covering fire!"


yay bike

The muzzleflashes and posing on Ghost are excellent, but the other two ‘TF141’ guys’ legs seem off. Could use some shadowing and motion blurring if they’re meant to be driving.

i burned them

That’s not how you ride a bike.

True. 've been on a motorbike and like that would kill your legs

cool editing, I just don’t see any exit wounds

Posing is nice if you take away the fact that the dude is riding the bike wrong.
The editing is really nice too.

What’s with all these modern warfare poses recently?


Oh shit a 10’er!

Well they released MW2 not too long ago…

The guys on the bike look weird… their legs. Other then that, its all good.

oh fuck an 10’er

the pose looks nice, but as said, legs look weird as hell

I like it though on the bike i bet that would kill your legs. Like the rest of it though

The two muzzleflashes are exactly the same besides the rotating of one of them.


I don’t mind the laziness, though, because I understand how annoying muzzleflashes are to get right.

Where apre people getting these models from? :S

The muzzleflashes don’t look too good, in my opinion. They’re the same.

But the posing on Ghost looks pretty good.

Where’d you get the bike?