Were you ever friendly?

I have played for about a week now (roughly 8 hours per day)

i started off friendly, helped people, got helped and teamed up with anyone i found. but after a few days of waking up dead with nothing in my stash, i kinda just slowly lost my shit and gunned down anyone i see now. even noobs with a rock that beg for their life, i just don’t care.

so, were you ever once friendly and now your an evil cunt like me?

Sorry we completely wrecked your base broski. ;D

I’ve had my base raped 3 times now, only once while I was online. I don’t mind too much as I always have hidden stashes but it is still a pain.

Though I still help randoms when they’re fresh spawns, I rarely walk around solo so that helps with intimidating people enough to not shoot. I always try to be friendly where I can but at the end of the day it’s survival of the fittest.

See ya on FSAG ;D

I think I’ma bit different, I’m an avid solo DayZ/WarZ player, so I remember the very first night I played, seeing a campfire with a clothed tribal behind it in the distance I proceeded to sprint over and in all of my naked glory jump over his fireplace and bash his brains in for his clothes.

However now that I have my own place to call home, I guess I am more civilized and do help out the occasional player, and actively trade with other players on my server :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, the server I play on currently is one of the friendliest out there. (And no, I won’t mention the name, because of internet trolls). In general, the large clans help out newbies, and act like “sherrifs”, instead of raiders. A lot more team work and goodwill. Odd for the internet.

I was being friendly even i have had this game for a month, but yesterday an airdrop landed next to my base and i knew it was gonna bring a fuckload of trouble. First i saw a bandit in rad suit and managed to kill him. Went down from my tower to get his loot and bam. 5 guys shooting at me same time. They decided to raid my base with the c4 they got. 1 metal door they blew up with c4. 2nd door with grenades. 3rd door i opened and ran there, shot a 21 round mp5 mag into a kevlar guy but he didnt die, then he killed me. they got more c4 from the room i opened and destroyed my last door and sleeping bags. As it was not enough, they started building their own base on mine. damn cunts. I will have my revenge some day. It’s just that i’m a solo player because all the players i meet either shoot me or have a -99 in their name. kids. So i decided to shoot everyone because I have nobody to play with :suicide:

Maybe, just maybe, you have nobody to play with because you shoot everyone you see? :P.

And I do believe there is some kind of health-abuse/hack. I had 2 guys raid 50% of the map in 20 minutes (were skyping with another colony) . Managed to kill them but the first one took like 10 rounds (I had kill-shutes in the stairwell, got them off guard one by one) off of which at least 5 has to have been headshots, I heard the crunchy sound a LOT of times.

The second one was forced to stand about 5-10 yards away due to the kill-shute and he had a shotgun, I should have dominated him but I just could not kill him. After almost 100 rounds he went down. It cannot have been legit. Either he had some way of instant healing the dmg I dealth or he had some form of 10x hp multiplier.

Normally i am more an PvE Player.Thats the Reason why i avoid other player.But i am Friendly till the moment,the other would attack me.
Yeah i know,if i wait to the first shoot i am almost dead :wink:

well my friends and i just locked about 3 new players into a metal container and closed the door, had a chest in there with only hatchets and told them to battle to the death and whoever won got some food, wood, and an M4.

After an intense 30 second battle one came out victorious and we killed him anyways

so no. fuck being friendly


I had respect for that until the last bit where you killed him anyways :frowning: lol what bastards.

I try and be freindly, but theirs only so many times you can run upto someone, they say they are freindly, you start typing or turn your back… then boom! dead! :(.

Happens so many times.

So anyways, if anyone wants to play with someone whos not young enough to be their kids then add me on steam. (im 27 btw). Would be nice to have some maturity around.

In general yes. 1 stranger got familiar enought that he joined our village and teamspeak. Others act freindly to easy kill you so after I noticed that I act based on the loot I carry.

Yeah i generally carry just my rock and run round in the nuddy :). You can kill me but you wont gain anything.

I am friendly. Always will be.

I gather all the noobs and pay them with stones and chicken to fight for me.

Same for me, that guy took it too far. If you take bambis hostage and lock them down, let them fight each other to live… thats an extremely OLD thing from DayZ which is still kind of fun but… “killing them anyway afterwards” is nothing but a total dick move and shows what kind of person you are. Not even funny, not even a bit. No surprise tons of new players get frustrated when they constantly run into such douchebags.

When i played dayz they did something like that to me and a friend of mine. Iy was dayz epoch. my friend and me where going to a base of a ather friend who invited us to hes base. we got catched by a group of bandits in the forest… WE needed to fight each other to death. good that i was on ts with my friend who has the O.P base, and he came with a group of people and killed out the bandits. But it was a nice… experiance how friends can help you.

This happened a few minutes ago.

I was crafting and baking things and I had end-game gear (RadSuit, M4, P250, 9mm, Bow…) then a naked guy asked me for a pickaxe, and because I was friendly, I gave him one.
I came back to my house BUT HE MANAGED TO PASS THROUGH THE DOOR when I was closing it and then he killed me. WITH MY PICKAXE. And he took EVERYTHING in my chest and, at last, he blew up my METAL DOOR with MY OWN C4.

I haven’t restarted Rust yet, but if I manage to get weapons, these naked men will feel how it’s like to die.

Server I play on is full of marauding Koreans so I can’t exactly take my chance. I ain’t even kidding, there’s like 7 of them that just talk Korean in chat all the damn time and everyone else always whines about getting raided by them.

yep, that will do it

Still friendly :slight_smile: