sup guys, anybody wanna make a wereshark model for me?

little model: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs6/i/2005/025/3/5/Wereshark_Figurine_by_daffyart.jpg

God damn I support this.

hehe :smiley: awesome!

Holy fucking SHIT. DO THIS.

Looks cool, support!

cool :D! thanks~

Did anyone else think of Street Sharks when they saw this?

bump. anybody up for it? would be an awesome thing to make :3!





reposting the picture with img tags. Damn this thing looks badass.


But is it from a game? If its not from a game, it would have to be a custom model.

sadly no, no game has made this yet. so there is no already made model…anywho, If somebody does make the model, could they make it so it has hl2 bones? so I could make it into a player model :3?

My level of taking this serious has dropped severely.

no idea what your talking about. but it dosent pertain to the request.

He’s talking about your smily…

I’m not sure how a wereshark would even work in the first place. You would have to be bitten by one to become one, and the chances of being bit, or then surviving said attack would be slim…

Well…I think they had a shark that walked on legs in a Crash Bandicoot game, that’s as close as I can think of to a wereshark for you. Otherwords, yea, it would need to be a custom model.

as I said above, yes :3 that would be indeed needed for this.