Wesker attacks a squad of BSAA agents

“This is Captain Delenko. Sector 3 is clear, moving on to sector 4. No B.O.W.s yet - What the? Who’s - TAKE HIM OUT! TAKE HIM OUT! MAN DOWN! REPEAT, MAN DOW -”


I thought I might try something Resident Evil-ish. C&C?

Wesker… PAWNCH!
I like the posing on the guy gettin punched but not too much on the guy in the far back.

I like the posing, but it could use some nice editing.

Some editing would be nice, but my editing isn’t very good.

Give him some tentacle arms

Nice posing.

Good work. Perhaps some decent motion blur.

Remembers me of Equilibrium.
Someone should give this some nice editing :stuck_out_tongue: