Could some head hack weskers head onto nicks body for me please ive tried so many times and i keep fu*king it up

cant find file with nick right now.

thanks very much

anyone? my 3ds max has ran out so i cant do it, couldnt evn do it when i did

I do believe that is illegal

why? considering how many people do it with other models?


did i post that as reply or normal comment dont know

well can anyone atleast recommend what else i can do?

you could retexture it :smiley:

dont know how to do that sorry , plus it just look as good doese it really


dont know how to do that and it wouldnt look good anyway

This is not illegal. S-Low selling private models from another game is illegal.

ok so whats does that mean

It means you’re fine. Nothing illegal about what you’re asking.

Thanks i guess then

No problem. If there is someone who need correcting, I will be there.
And just a heads up. The Wesker model is extremely complicated, if someone does fulfill this request, it might be a while. The freaking thing has like 20 sheets just for textures.

damnnnnn will i ever get the model i want? :wookie:

can someone put it on a another body then

would be nice



is it really that hard ive seen some models that look amazing?
sorry i wouldnt know

could some recommend another program to me then please

thread dead close it admin i want another model now i reskin my self