Wesker pointing gun at nothing.


I dont even know why am I posting this, but comments are still welcome.

Looks like Wesker is proud for his shooting skill.
Good Posing :smiley:

Wesker is proud for everything he does. ;]

He should be proud of having 2 RPG rockets plowing through his head at the end of RES 5

I am sure he figured something out to survive.



Look at his face. Look at that post. Then look at his face again.


Constructive criticism anyone ?!

Seems like his head is hunched a bit too much because the zipper is disappearing in to his upper chest.

I read that with the Old Spice Guy’s voice.

You mean Old Spice Guy, rrrright?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. You sound insane right now.

That smug bastard.

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is that the MoH beretta

No, it is from STALKER.
Would be cool if anyone could make a Samurai edge reskin for it.

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