Wesker VS Duke Nukem


References picture


So waddaya think?

Not bad

Weskers :geno: face kinda ruins it. Otherwise pretty cool.

Well he has no face posing so…

Terrible posing. It’s like a drunken version of the reference.

As terrible as usual. The posing is really off and unrealistic, the background is really low-res (not to mention is still has the watermark on), the muzzleflash is a smudged mess. You could’ve also chosen a better model, that resembles Duke Nukem or has faceposing.

Try to work on these things, and you might get better. Don’t rush things.

Would have chosen another model, but this was the only one resembling Duke. The CSS ports have the same finger pose as the standard citizens in HL.

Need better posing, and if you cant facepose get a better model.

No one impersonates Duke… and lives.

Who looks like Duke? Was sort of the whole point. Feel free to link me of you know of one.


Hehe that may be true.

It pisses me off that the watermark is there… havent you ever fucking heard of the clone stamp tool

Ah yes. Another one behind a keyboard raging and getting pissed off for trivial things.

And it’s “fucking” haven’t not havent.

Homophobe… :v:

Golden Gun + Revolver, not Golden Gun + Golden Gun.

It’s alright i guess, you need to work on your posing and editing though.

Pretty good for what it is.