Wesker Vs. T-1000 (Possible comic teaser)

Still a little new to editing but I try.


C&C please.

Haha, really nice camera angle and silver effect.

That’s very cool looking! Great work.


Thanks for the comments people!

It’s funny because he’s punching.

Really kewl idea. Reminds me of the Terminator from Terminator 2. All liquid and shiz.

That’s because the T-1000 WAS in Terminator 2 :downs:

Oh…fail. :slight_smile:

sweet pic man. nice liquid effect.
have a artistic

I wonder how this fight will go down…

Awesome, absolutely awesome!

Again thanks for the comments, it’s amazing how quickly my threads die lol.

metal man

Obviously wesker would win becuase of his sexy voice.

Mimetic poly-alloy, also known as liquid metal. T-1000 is made of that.

Rated Joazzz informative.

Wesker is completely screwed i think. But beside’s that i think its good.