Weskers Journey (again)

My brother got me permabaned so i had to remake this thread.

Before posting negative comments just know I will not read them so don’t bother.

I am making a series about Wesker from Resident Evil. The story is basically an alternate story line to the resident evil games. What if Wesker had never turned evil? What if S.T.A.R.S never fell apart? This series is the answer to those questions.

Please note that the 1st episode was before I was planning to make it into a series (thus the name change)
Also the 1st episode sucked (due to lag, fraps killing my sounds and the prop protector)
The 1st episode also has commentary. Just turn annotations off to turn commentary off
I have fixed all of these.
Sound: added them after recording,
Lag: Separate scenes instead of one long one,
Prop protector: deleted it

The Story So Far.
While searching for the location of Spencer, Wesker finds himself traveling to Umbrella’s space station “USS Umbrella” On the way there he is hit by an asteroid and needs repairs. He then docks on the ship hoping they can repair his ship and supply him with Spencer’s location. However…the crew doesn’t seem to be talking…



for more ZN Productions go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZackNeville

i watched your videos…also what device do you use to record

ps: as soon as my computer is fixed, i have all the recources i need(voice changer,etc) im going to do a series about the hl2 metro-police, except it takes place in city 8

i also think a good way to reduce any lag in your videos is too spawn enemys, shoot 1 scene, spawn others, etc.

also the maps i will use are, city 8 district 1, city 8, city 45 (as the tram and jail section of city 8), other city 45 maps and just ignore the 48 in my videos, and city 17 precint 13, and various city 17 maps from half life 2

of course all citidel shots will be cut and the maps names will have nothing to do with the city 8 setting

i like your videos, keep em up

thank you,

I use FRAPs. you can get a free version but you can only record 30 seconds and it will say www.fraps.com at the top of the screen. Or you can buy it (what i did) for the full version.


also i like the idea of a metro-police vid. I have started a comic based on the civil Protection (the human part of the combine) but i cant find a good comic hoster to upload it to.


Try ZD Soft or Playclaw

ill try 1 of those 3…what do you think of the rest of my post?


also trench…being a gun customizer and dealer…also worked with the half life black ops for 1 year…efectivly hes is a hardcore ninja-style metro-cop who can shoot with 2 mp5’s at the same time

Nice. once you upload the first episode send me a link.

My comic is about the human part of the combine (the civil protection) rebelling against the combine.

also i have a voice changer (again costs money) and after fiddling around with it for a while I got a combine sounding voice thingy.


also you might want to snip the plot of your vid. Otherwise some arse might come in here and steal it from you.

good idea


did it


also currently im requesting a hand reskin/remodel for the series, also which title do you prefer, law abiding citizen:city 8

or city 8: liduidus?

or another name?

also i may do a spin off comic for some of the episodes

in episode 5 how many tentacles should i have? i plan a “SHIT HIT THE FAN” moment were there is atleast 3 tentacles, 4 gargantuas, 5 big mommas, 80,000 headcrabs, and 4 pit worms and also 4 hydras and these scientist, rosenburg and keller, can help, and the only current fighters are, trench,riley,sarge, and a crab synth (i plan to do this when half life reniassance reconstructed is released) and other enemys are some shock troopers, pit drones, and lots of tor’s, mixed with lots of bullsquids and barnacles, the reason behind this happening is simple, combine try to max power on a new specimen…the panthereye, and end up causing another small renissance cascade…what do you think? also the weapons used in this episode will all be from kermites weapons packs, including some slo-mo dual wield first person shooting over a horde of pit drones and houndeyes (who will also try and kill eachother) and as soon as trench jumps to do the action sequence the song from the l4d 2 trailer will start playing

as in


afterwards he will run and hop through a window to rescue a security gaurd (guest appearance by shotgunguy,lol,as in his unmasked cp costume npc)

Its all up too you. Thats the great thing about making your own videos. You get to make them exactly how you like. Anyways i finaly got the 1st chapter of my comic uploaded http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=851809

Also the song that you want is here


its electric worry by Clutch.

the trailer edited the song a bit

aahhh…thanks…this will be used for an awesome trailer

also i think i might try, for the trailer, a stop motion wit the ragoll of trench, when its made, him jumping, 2 mp5s in hand, gunning down headcrab zombies, this is at the end too, and afterwards walks away with 2 smoke streams following


the begining will show trench with a pistol out looking in a ware house, cuts to first person to find 2 mp5’s on the ground, and he runs and kicks the doors open (remember, former black ops) jump up a ramp and catches a rope, shoots a headcrab, and opens the next room, and jumps off the raised edge for the scene i mentioned earlier

Sounds epic.

So you’re working on episode 3 already?
I’m kind of waiting for it :slight_smile:

This is actually really bad.

Really bad quality and camera angles.
And it gets boring watching you run around while some music plays in the background.

Sorta. You see, I am in the middle of making many videos (it gets kinda hard when you do it yourself)
Anyways I have one video to make then I start on episode 3.


Also i’m glad you enjoy it.

dukov, 1 more thing, trench has a motorbike

Nice. You should use the chopper from fallout. You can find it in some of the fallout prop packs.

I didn’t really, but I bet you can make the third part enjoyable.

thanks dukov…

ill ask later in lua scripting for a motorcycle vehicle… which would probobly just use the airboat player animations for sitting

you could always do the no collide weld with the airboat.

yeah but there is a problem with that seeing as the animation wouldnt carry on the bikes hadlebars and it would have an invisible wall around it so scripting would be better


also unfortunantly my computer is busted until we get it fixed so dont expect these before 2010 okay

but ill try to get a trailer out before december 31st