Wesley Gibson [Wanted] Model

Hey Guys i am new Here.
I got an Wesley Gibson Model which was Ripped from the Wanted Game but its Damn Bad Pose , if anyone here is able to get it into right Position? since i am not able to do this.

Here is a Picture from it:


-It includes Wesley in .max and .3ds Format + All Textures

If any could get it in T-Pose(or the Pose of HL2 Models) and then Upload and post the Link here that would be pretty awesome.

wow that looks fucking nice, too bad I don’t know how to do anything

hmm i’ll see what i can do

EDIT: do you want it rigged?

hmmm this model is quite impossible it’s basicly all pollys on a model , no bones so i cant move the model into t pose so basicly its impossible from my view

hmm ok , no i dont want it rigged only in the right Position.
Hope anyone is able to do this, i dont wonna use this for HL2 i am working on a Wanted Modification for the Game MaxPayne and for that i need it T-Posed but for other People here it would be also good to have in T-Pose and anyone rigg it for HL2.

im just askin davij086 what to do on msn

Edit : he helped me and this is how far i got


because I only have a laptop I cant zoom in so this is as much as I can do (also I had to remove the gun) but I can make the gun as a different model entirely

Edit 2:
i’ll have a go using my mums laptop mouse but thats it


here is what i have started with the mouse


ok , looks good so far , but what i see there is that some vertices are not in right position u will fix that ?
about the gun u can delete it i dont need it , i only need Wesley.

yeah im finding it hard but i will fix all when the pose is in shape , noting this is my first thing like this ever

Why don’t you learn to do it yourself? If you want to make a mod, you won’t go far at all if you aren’t willing to learn anything. It’s just a matter of selecting the vertices affected and moving/rotating them however you want to put them in the T-pose. There’s no magic or specific way to do it, all it takes is some basic modeling skills.

i can do it myself , i already T-Posed some models , but this one is too hard for me (its impossible for me getting this in t-pose).
i spend some time on the model but when i begun with moving the arms i gave up its impossible get this fuck*ng model in right position.

Hmm on the HL1 Specialists Forum there was an Wesley Model which was already in good pose but i dont have it anymore , and since the site is dead i am not able to get it from there , maybe anyone had the model lying around on pc ?

tbh the only parts easy with this t pose are , legs , head an gun the only reason the guns their is becuase i just deleted it :smiley:

im guessing this isnt meant to happen :


hmm…i got 3DRipper with Wanted Game working maybe i can re-Ripp him to get better Pose.

ok if you could try it, it would be helpful :smiley:

here i ripped another 3 different Models from Wesley, maybe they are better to T-Pose , but i have idea about ripping them in pretty good Pose i get to it later.

The Models are in .3ds format , textures u can use from my Wesley that i posted.


oh right ok i’ll try this one


with no.1 i just had a go at it, but the hands are linked together so i cant use that one , just about to try no.2

ok , would be cool if u can get him in t-pose i am not able to do it.
hmm the hands u can delete from the model i dont need them i will replace them by new ones , as i said i want to rigg this for the game maxpayne2 and i use hands from there and wesley i rigg by myself then.
but cool from you that you try helping me with that , on l4y maxpayne2 section mostly i got no help in things like this .
so another thanks for helping me.
i need wesley because i am working on wanted mod , i also got wesley and cross in deathsuit when u want them they are already t-posed i have them in my wanted mod u could rigg them for HL2 when u want,just send me PM for that if u interest.

im just finding it really hard as the 3dxripper is spliting it all apart than both hands are in one part an both feet

i have idea about ripp him in good pose , when perform that bullettime action and he jump around and u have time to kill enemies in bullettime , on a scene he was jumping forward and in that pose i think it could be done pretty easy to t-pose him , i have a go to it later.



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