[West][AlterMod*-Military/C4 rare]Slow Decay/Active FriendlyAdmins/Noob Friendlye

[West][AlterMod*-Slow Decay/Active FriendlyAdmins/Noob Friendly

(F1) net.connect - Casual server looking to grow in numbers! Friendly non abusive admins. Stable server with no wipes! Come join us for a great Rust experience!

I’m not the admin for this server, but I feel like it’s one of the best ones out there so I wanted to pass some love along for the people running it…

I’ve got several hours on this server and its the best I’ve played on so far. Responsive admins (player was having problems with foundation bug… made a comment about it… admin had it fixed within two minutes!) No hacking incidents that I’ve seen, very friendly players!

If you’re tired of finding out you’ve been raided every time you log in, come check out this server!

Everyone is pretty mellow and helpful on this server. Good times.

3.38am 3/8, server was connection failed.
No issues connecting to any other server

Hmm just tried logging in with no issue. Maybe just a hiccup of some sort.

6am my time(MST) still not able to connect, every other server still working

EDIT: is it the correct ip listed in the OP?

(F1) net.connect

Yeah (F1) net.connect is the correct IP. Smaller population at the moment but the admins seem fair and most players seem friendly enough. I would definitely recommend this server to any new players out there.

Come join us! - (F1) net.connect

Ok, sorry about the address flub. Fixed now… Great server, friendly community!!

Decent amount of people on last night!