[West]BIRD Oxide-PvP|Door Sharing|AirDrops|Groups|Sleepers|NoTP|Active Admins

Welcome to the premier server of the Bastards In Regal Digs gaming community.
We prize authenticity of gameplay as well as unregulated player behaviour. As such, our thorough and active admins play as anybody else would while maintaining their duties. Legitimate player conflict is celebrated, whether for resources or blood feud - KoS is an understood fact of life, though friendly action is still an ideal.
The server runs **Oxide; **we have chosen our plug-ins carefully as to not overload the server, resulting in only the most visceral gameplay.

· Anti-Decay
· Remover Tool
· Sleepers
· Airdrops (no minimum player requirement)
· Fullcraft
· Active admins (no interference – that means no admin airdrops, no godmode, no metal admin house, no hand-outs)
· Chat history, private messages, group chat
· No automatic/unbalanced features (teleport, starter kits, economy)

The server is quite new and is in mint condition. For experienced players seeking a fresh start or new players alike. Services up to 100 players at a time.
Server Name: BastardsInRegalDigs-PvP|Slprs|Noobfriendly|AlwaysAirDrops|
TeamSpeak IP:

•No spamming
•No advertising
•English only
•Hackers are banned on sight. Suspected hackers should be reported with evidence. If found to be conclusive, an immediate ban will result.


  • Koh the Face Stealer
  • wolf pack dude crew

hey i was playing on BIRD
and its a really great server

we need more people! We’re getting lots of fresh faces but none of them ever feel like staying at the same time

come: free beer


bump, bump bump it up~
9 dudes on right now

We capped out at thirteen players last night - you are all cordially invited for the breakthrough of the server into mainstream perception