[West Coast] Californication Rust (Online Community | Friendly Admins | PVP) [Wiped 1/26]

NEW West Coast server!  Fast server with business grade internet speeds!

Server is hosted in Los Angeles, CA

Active online community with friendly admins and donor perks. (It costs money to run a server!)

Frustrated with constant wipes? We only wipe the server when more than half of the player base votes for a wipe, on our website www.californicationgaming.com.


  • Rust++

  • Door Sharing

  • No Craftable C4

  • 50% Craft

  • PVP with Sleepers on

  • 99.9% uptime. *Minimal downtime *after game updates.

  • Backups are made everyday.

  • Friendly and Active Admins. No admin abuse what so ever (I know them irl).

**Rules: **

  • No hacks/cheats/exploits.
  • No flaming or racism.

Please report all hackers on our website.


Sick Server

Perfect server! Looking forward to it!

Thanks everyone! Help us grow by voting!

Such chill server so far

Cool, I’ll get on later t’night… Looks like a stable server.

yo, cool server man.

The Home of Woodbury!

nice server! friendly people :smiley:

Nudity mod enabled! enjoy :dance:

Great server tons of friendly people! Active admins too!

Woodbury looks sooo sick! Great server