West Coast laid back survival server| net.connect |

Hey everyone. This isn’t my server but it is a very fun server with an awesome admin so I thought I would try to get more players on the server.

To enter, press F1 to bring up the rust console, then type (or copy and paste): net.connect

The main points are:

  • Most people don’t just kill on sight
  • Active & Mature Admin
  • PvP is enabled
  • Sleepers
  • Starter kit available!
  • Contains the following and can be spawned once every 24 hours:
  • Hatchet
  • Pick Axe
  • Wood Shelter
  • Metal Door
  • Wood Storage Box
  • Some other minor survival gear.
  • New kits will come in the future/will be provided during tournaments.
  • Arena area planned for the future.
  • There is a jail (complete with campfire and chicken breast) for troublemakers.

All the players I have run into are mostly focused on the survival part of the game, but everything goes.

Hackers/cheating = banned on sight/confirmation.

Have problems? Have questions? The owner and only admins steam name is RyanTheGhost.

A little about the owner: He is 30 years old, active duty military, mature and professional. He isn’t trying to get anything out of the server, he said he just wanted a place to play that was fun, relaxed and not full of hackers and griefers.

Server is doing well! There were 10 people on it earlier today. Come join if you want a fun server :slight_smile: