| West Coast | No Sleepers | No craftable C4 | Groovy Admins | Communist Nation |

The IP is:
Alright sissies, you want a server. We got it for you.
We encourage combat but we do not encourage asshole-ry, slaughter each other with class, gentlemen. The main nation/faction is “Farmville”, a huge area where players are welcome to approach us and join in the building.
Overall, we are a totally cool group of people who like shooting shit and making communist democracies. Get your ass on today.

Quick facts:

  • No craftable C4
  • No Sleepers
  • Only craftable guns are defaults and P250.
  • Instacraft
  • Boosted resources
  • Active Admins, ALWAYS on Mumble to talk to.
  • Awesome default nation, Farmville. Come join at rad town!
  • Friendly server, if not enemy…