West Coast PVP/SLP 12/23 FRESH no admin abuse!!

Just started today at 2 pm eastern.
no admin abuse, join now!!
ip is:
join up now!!!
dont miss out!!!

no events will happen without community agreement, we will make a website for voting and days for special events, stay posted!!!
server holds 150 bring ur friends

ip is:
ip is:

server is up and running, player base growing quickly
come join the fun!!!

Server is running great friendly people so far and great ping I love the switch see you guys around

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server is called WestCoast PvP 12/23 no admin abuse for those who wanna connect without net.connect

Awesome new server. No admin abuse. friendly people since its new fresh server. Can’t wait for a day or two to really hit the pvp!

community server name: westcoast pvp 12/23 no admin abuse

great server needs some more players get in and join up fresh server and no admin abuse


Do you need help with a website? PM me if so.

not sure whats going on with that just quite yet thanks for the offer do you currently play with us?

Playing on this server now, thanks!

Thank you feel free to bring some friends it’s quiet now but I’m sure the pvp will be going strong soon to those who haven’t joined come stake your claim

Cool, will do.

happy holiday server is growing fast so lets keep it up and the pvping is starting but still plenty of resources to go around for any new comers and still lots of friendly people helping each other out and trading blue prints etc


Bump community growing strong