West Coast Rust - Fresh Start! Instacraft, PVP, Sleepers, +++Airdrops, Admins

Hey guys, West Coast Rust just launched. We have all the usual fun like Instacraft, Sleepers, PVP, increased Airdrops, and admins who actually like to play the game the way it’s intended (imagine that!). Get going with a fresh start!

You can quick connect to us by opening the console (F1) and typing: net.connect

US West server and ready to accept players. Don’t be fresh meat - get a fresh start.

Fresh as of 12/25! Merry Christmas!

Admins on. Christmas airdrops incoming.

Server updated to current version. No wipe!

This server is a joke. No admin, No wipes and on such a small population server this makes it a terribly unbalanced playing field. This server is set up to cater to troll play, avoid at all costs.