West Coast Rust PvP Server

**All Rust Servers Are Currently Down, But Join Ours When They Are Back Up & Running!


West Coast Server/PvP/Sleepers -> [NEW Server 12/24]
West Coast 150 Man Server

Quick Login: Server Info-> Press F1 after starting the game client. Type or Copy+Paste ->

Server Name On Community Server List: westcoast pvp 12/23 NO admin abuse

  • Actual Date/Time Started: Tuesday December 24th (Christmas Eve) @ 12am

Server Rented By: Darkfall Vets Who LOVE Full Loot PvP + Sieges!

Reason For Server Creation & More Info:

  • Tired of ADMIN abuse & Bad Ping. (Our Server is in California)
  • All in-game events will be put to a VOTE from everyone playing on the server. (No ADMIN Abuse)
  • Hardcore PvP (Sleepers) (House Raids)
  • 48 hour grace period to knew players to teh server + some help if needed
  • Freedom of speech (You can say whatever you want as long as it isn’t a racist spam. You can say what you want, just don’t RANT on it and flood chat with it for 20 minutes straight. Know your limit.)**

(User was banned for this post ("stop posting in all bold, there's already a thread for this, wrong section" - postal))