West Coast Server

The server has on Average 30. Today it peaked at 60
The server is currently a community server. I have put some thought in reducing the crafting time by 30% I am currently unsure of this.

I’m also thinking about getting more admins on but the servers really need a limited use of admin abilities. IE just kick/ban I’m highly against admin abuse and the current option lacks logging and would easily allow admin abuse.

Console (F1): net.connect
Name: US West Coast (CA)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Slots: 250
PVP: Yes
Sleepers: Yes
Admin: Yes

All of the bellow = perma ban.
Hacking of any kind is not tolerated.
Exploits of any kind are not tolerated.


Server just got bakc up after a 24 hour DDOS attack. Them server wars.