[West] NoLagg | PVP | Sleepers On | Active Admins/ NO ABUSE TOLERATED AT ALL | Vanilla | Wiped Feb-28

Server Wiped 2/28

West, Sleepers, Active Admins, No Griefing, PVP, No Lagg, AIRDROPS!

A couple week old rust server, currently reaches about 25+People at peak, server is capped at
65 people due to the server capability of not being able to hold a high amount of players (100+)
without Lagg. They just don’t have good enough hosts just yet. That being said, there being only
65 capacity on the server will keep low lagg and players happy :slight_smile:

1 - NO walling people in, if you are walled in, an admin will come and help you out. That being
said, replacing doors after blowing every single door and replacing them is allowed, because you
have simply destroyed every single door/sleeping bag, thus taking over the whole base. We really
just don’t want to see people being trapped in their house with all their loots on them. It’s just not
fair for that average player.


Guide to join:
1: F1 and type >> net.connect <<
2: Done! Enjoy the server! :slight_smile:

PS. There are always active admins and 100% no abuse tolerated. If you have any questions, just ask.

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