[West]PVP/InstaCraft/Sleeper/NO ABUSE/GRIEF (1/3/14)

Greetings, fellow Rusties!

Have you been longing to play Rust without hackers, or abusive admins? And with mature people such as yourself, that just want to enjoy the game?

I’ve been playing Rust since it was release as Early Access on Steam. During this team I’ve come to realize what’s ruining the game. 1. Admins - I’ve been teleported to an admin while he was godmode, where after I was slaughtered. This was because me and my buddy stumbled across him and owned him. 2. Glitchers- I’ve had my house raided twice, where it was emptied bone dry, without A SINGLE door/ wall being broken. 3. Hackers - Me and my group of friends came across an aimbotter on the public servers, we saw him from far away. As we approached him we knew we had him dead to rights, 4 guys in kevlar, against him, also fully geared. AS SOON as we even get into reasonable range to engage, his head whipped around and he instantly sprayed all of us down in what seemed to be one burst.

I’ve gotten absolutely sick of these types of things happening, so as of 12/29 I own my own server. My ambition is to start a long-term server with a very pleasant community, all players are welcome, we will not turn anyone away for any reason, unless you are absolutely irate and childish.

Once the community has grown to fit the 100 slots, I can always upgrade if need be. We will have a public teamspeak up within the next couple of days, in which you can send me a request for a passworded channel for your group. (Yeah, because I personally hate ingame voip.)

There are a very limited number of admins so that we can cut down on abuse, however, we we are actively looking for admins to join the team. There is no application process, you must just simply hang around the server, try to be both friendly & helpful, especially to newcomers. If there is EVER any admin abuse on my server you can simply report it to another admin, or me via Steam. (Some type of screenshot or proof preferred.)

The server is a PVP/InstaCraft/Sleeper, But we’re for the most part noob friendly. Of course you will come across someone now and again that shoots on sight, especially around airdrops. Which we have 1 every morning. Could increase to 2 with population.

If this looks like a place for you, come jump on in!

To connect to the server, once you’re at the server browser, press F1 and then type :


If you have any questions concerning how to connect, or suggestions for my server, feel free to PM me on Steam.

Good Luck getting started!

BUMP! We’re at 23 players atm! come hop in!

Bump, All time high of 27 players! come join the madness!

Bump :smiley:

Come hop in the server! 24 in right now!

Bump, come hop in the server and help us get going this morning! :smiley:

Come hop in the server! plenty of peeps! massdrop at morning (about 5 mins)

Love this server! Such good admins/owner and very Noob Friendly! Definitely will come back! :dance:
Edit: In game name Explosive_Charge

Thanks for the feedback Explosive! You’re welcome anytime!

and as for anyone thinking about hopping in, just do it already! you’ll probably never leave!

UPDATE: Server is at 22 players! Come join us! great place for a fresh start!

UPDATE: We’re sitting at 25 players atm! come hop in and raid some fools!

Come hop in! the server is still relatively fresh, (created 12/28) so it’s a perfect place for you, and your friends to come for a new start!

I would get on right now but my PC is having some trouble with Rust. It might just be me. Im trying to fix it now! In Game Name: Explosive_Charge

Ahh! I’m sorry to hear that man! The server is doing very well, 30+ players in as we speak! Hope you can fix your troubles, and when you do, come join us!

Update: SERVER IS BACK UP! Give it 3-5 tries from the server browser and you should be able to get past the Auth_Failure glitch.

At server browser press F1 and type :


Bump! Come hop in, Fresh wiped! Bring your friends, it’s a perfect place for a new start!

Come hop in! The server is nice and populated! Bring your pals!

Server was just wiped today, about 5 hours ago! If you hop in now, you won’t have to play catch-up!

Come hop in the server! tons in right now! about to have the morning airdrop!

Hop in the server! we’ll have 30+ when peak hours come around, help us get started this morning!