={ [West-US] #RustLife (Sleepers/Active Admins/Insta-Craft/No-Lagg/Drops/Teleport)> [Brand NEW] }=

This server is literally brand new! We just bought it yesterday, and finished setting it up today (2/4/2014).

We strive to crack down on hacking, and provide a very stable, fun, environment for you to enjoy Rust as it was designed to be played. The server is well maintained, and updated frequently to keep up with Rusts dynamic feed.

Our admins are simply there to watch over the players, looking for any suspicious activity. Admins cannot spawn items, and may only use TP when a player is thought to be hacking. Admins also help players destroy items like pillars, or misplayed ceilings from their home.

How to play:

  1. Open up your console using the F1 key
  2. Type: net.connect
  3. Press the Enter key
  4. When connected, get a kit! /kit Starter

We are looking to hire moderators to help ban hackers… We’ll promote you if you’re a kind, helpful, player!