WestCoast Dedicated | arenas | 1/4 craft time | no admin abuse | Starter Kits |

Hello everyone!

I decided to create a server for me and my friends. I’d love for the server to get populated and have many different groups and rivalries. In order to help accomplish this I set up a raidcall to go along with the server. That way as groups and alliances establish they can come to me to make a dedicated channel in the raidcall to do as they wish. Or just everyone hangout in the lounge and have a good time.

What we have to offer the players currently:

The server is fresh so there are tons of location to build!
Door sharing (Since the recent update seems to have its own bugs with the coded doors)
Dedicated servers to reduce lag.
Active admins to ensure smooth gameplay without the nuisance of hackers/exploiters.
Non-Abusive admins
1/4 Craft time (We will this is a sufficient time without taking away some of the pve aspect)
Stats (Keep track of your kills and deaths!)
Private Messaging
Starter Kits
Arena (currently 1v1 can possibly work with 2v2)
Location (To ensure you can find your friends that much easier)
Death Handler (To see what pesky sniper killed you, or what teammate TK’d)

In progress for when server gets a good fanbase

Other misc. events

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in the server!
RaidCall ID: 7990019

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))